21-25 May 2022
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UtiliGo serves vital role in Tennessee storm aftermath with IQGeo geospatial software
IQGeo and CSA partner to create more reliable grids for rural electric utility operators
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Armada Power Announces Wattersaver Load-Shifting Pilot Program with PG&E.
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12 Apr, 2022 /
Mobile Mark
A Low Profile Base Station for CBRS, C-Band, & Private Networks
The New BPN942 base station antenna combines 7-antenna elements: 4x 5G Sub-6, 2x WiFi 6E...
M.E. Steele
/ 18 May, 2022
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The Control Room of the Future is Here - Are You Ready?


Today’s utilities are focused on implementing operational efficiencies, yielding sustained returns and maximizing investments in assets, infrastructure and people. The control room of the future and other advanced enterprise-wide technologies allow utilities to achieve their desired results. Thoughtful technology selection and clear, concise technology road mapping is a major element to ensure a utility's operational success and Diversified has the knowledge and expertise to take you there.

Whether servicing rural America or densely populated capital cities, Diversified provides your control room operators and support personnel with modern, reliable, scalable, CIP-compliant hardware and software solutions that allow them to make the key decisions required to keep critical processes operational. Our unique design/build approach significantly reduces risk, thus allowing your organization to focus on the positive aspects of your project; while being assured that Diversified is supplying a resilient, world-class technology solution. Diversfied is one of the world's largest enterprise technology providers; so not only can we provide control room-related technologies, we can also provide enterprise-wide technologies that complement the many systems throughout your organization and allow all departments work together efficiently.

A wise person once said: "Be wary of generalists, as they are oft terrible specialists".

There are many local audio visual or related technology companies that will jump at the chance to design and build your utility control room or offer to provide enterprise-wide technologies throughout your organization; but please consider the fact that a board room, a high school auditorium or even an entire office complex is not a 24/7-use mission critical control room. Maybe a particular company is swooning you with the notion that the 911 center that they installed a few years back has now made them self-proclaimed control room experts. Be assured that they probably did a great job in the boardroom, but with one or two non-utility control room installations, they are not control room experts by any stretch of the imagination. 

Another wise person said: "There's safety in numbers" and we tend to agree. This would be the number of successful utility installations.

Diversified has designed and/or built thousands of control rooms and we have worked with hundreds of utilities. We know utilities, we know your needs, we know CIP, we know the technology, we know IT, we know AV, we know 24/7 operations and we know all of the little issues that can become big issues if you don't have the experience to a) identify the problem b) be able to intelligently discuss the problem with the manufacturer if needed c) have the internal resources to subject matter expertise to fix the problem timely. This is especially important when a piece of technology fails during a major outage, because at that point, you need it fixed and you need it fixed now. Will that same local company be able to take your call at Noon on the 4th of July or Christmas Day during the worst snow storm of the year? Ok...for you folks in my home State of Texas, that would more than likely be a hurricane or an ice storm, but you can still rest assured that Diversified is prepared to provide service-related assistance during your time of need regardless of the situation or the day of the week.

With a diverse service team comprised of highly experienced subject matter experts, Diversified's flexible and dependable professional services methodology is backed by a follow-the-sun operations model, providing remote service and dispatch via the company's 24/7 Global Service Center and five (5) regional network operation centers. We are setting the bar for service standards and setting it high.

Diversified has a dedicated mission critical control room practice. Diversified's "Mission Critical Environments" team is comprised of highly experienced subject-matter experts with day to day, real world experience in mission critical spaces where the monitoring and protection of critical National security assets is a primary focus.

Whether you are with the largest electric utility in the U.S., a rural electric cooperative or an elite special forces team being deployed into hostile territory, Diversified has the capability to design, build and support the most complex mission critical operations. Our day to day experience in 24/7 spaces allows us to be continuously immersed in 24/7-use technologies. We can't say that we have seen it all, but we can definitely say that we have seen just about everything that can go wrong in a control room and we have the internal expertise to fix it.

With over 2500 other tech-savvy employees, we also have internal subject matter experts for nearly AV or IT technology available, whether it be control room AV, operations furniture, situational awareness solutions, data centers, broadcast media, digital signage, AR, VR, emerging technologies, security, structured cabling etc.

24/7-use Mission Critical Environments - It's what we do.

Diversified is vendor agnostic; and as such, our unbiased approach empowers clients to implement technical & operational solutions to strengthen their business. While every utility control room has similarities in their operation, every utility is unique and therefore every control room must be unique. We pride ourselves in our ability to educate our clients on all of the technologies that are available, so that as a team, we can make a sound decision with regard to the correct product mix for your operation, thus creating: The Control Room of the Future (available from Diversified today).

Stop by booth 1035 to see some of the latest technology solutions for control rooms and to speak with one of our subject matter experts regarding how we can help design spaces and solutions that maximize your workflow efficiencies, accelerate critical decision-making and minimize the margin of human error.

Best regards,

Mark Steele
Director - Energy and Utilities
310.728.0616 - mobile

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